Friday, September 19, 2008

Kristen Radford

Hello, Rigby 2001-ers!

Seems like it's been, like, 7 years since we graduated. It's been fun to see where/how everyone is. Thanks for authoring this blessed blog, Jorelle!

So I just realized I was "tagged," and have to say... I have very little exciting to report about my life, nor do I have adorable small children to share pictures of. So, I'll just give the quick and dirty (more quick than dirty):

After graduated from RHS (T-R-O-J-A-N-S!), I moved to Provo to attend BYU. SIX YEARS later (I took the scenic route), I graduated with a bachelor's in Communications: Emphasis: Print Journalism. After school I wrote for an entertainment circular for awhile and got to review concerts/theater/art exhibits. It was a lot of fun and my friends sorely miss my ability to get tickets to anything, but I moved on and am now working in Salt Lake in publishing/copyrights. It's not as fun as writing and reviewing, but I got a little tired of the newspaper salary! I enjoy my job thus far. I travel to the Bay Area a lot and may end up moving there in January. It might be a nice change to our lovely deseret.

My family moved back to Washington state just after I graduated, but moved back to Rigby last October, and the first of my younger brothers graduated from RHS last May (warn your younger sisters). I hadn't been back there for a few years and it's been fun to see it since.

I've added some random photos.. I'm not married to anyone in said photos and any children are just my darling newphews! :)