Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some of us got together over Thanksgiving break. It was so nice to see these girls and catch up on their lives! It had been since High School since I saw most of them. I still can't believe that we are all grown up, and I am sure most of us feel that way.

The two little munchkins are Preston and Paisley meeting each other for the first time.

Thanks Nicole for letting us have this little get together at your home. It was perfect!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Results for Secret Santa!

Results: Brooke Cederstrom has Sarah Teare
Kristen Radford has Traci Purser
Melissa Belnap has Jorelle McClellan
Lindsey McLain has Brooke Cederstrom
Sarah Teare has Melissa Belnap
Traci Purser has Kristen Radford
Jorelle McClellan has Lindsey McLain
Just leave a comment on the person's blog to get their address!

I think this might be really fun, if I can get enough people to participate! What I want to do is a gift exchange! Whoever wants to be involved, we will put their names in a hat and draw and I will let you know who you are sending a gift to. Boys, if you don't want to be involved but your wife would, tell them we would love to have them!! My favorite episode of Oprah's is her Favorites Show! So I want you to send a favorite to someone, whether it's chocolates, home made goodies, a gift card, something you make, Whatever! It doen't need to be expensive! Anyone want to participate? It should be lots of fun!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blaine Bradley

Hey all! Sorry that I haven't posted yet. This is such a great way to get together with everyone from high school. After graduation, I worked for a while at Idaho Fresh Pak to save money to go on my mission. I left on September 11, 2002. I will always remember that. I served in the Calgary Canada Mission and loved every minute of it. I planned on coming home early in order to start school, but ended up coming home earlier than I thought because my companion got into trouble and I had to escort him home, so my mission president decided to let me leave one transfer earlier than planned. When I got home, my family took a trip back up to Canada where they were able to see the areas of my mission. It was a blast. I got in touch with Rigby High School 2002 graduate, Charlene Stoltenberg. She was attending Idaho State University in Pocatello. One month after returning home from my mission, we were engaged and married that December. One year later, we were blessed with our first child. A little baby girl named Melody Dawn. Just recently, we had our second child. Another little girl that we named Emilie Joy. We are currently staying busy. Charlene is almost done with school, getting ready to do her student teaching, after which I will go to school and get my degree in computer drafting and design. We live in Rigby, but will be moving back to Pocatello at the start of the year. We are a typically busy family of four and love to spend time together. It has been so nice to catch up with everyone to see how they were doing. Most of the pictures I am including are of our kids. There is one family one that includes a friend of Charlene's outside the Twin Falls Temple during their open house.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kali Lynes Garner

Hey everyone,

So I guess technically i didn't graduate from Rigby but I did go to school with you guys for a little over three years so that counts right. After getting married in Oct 2000 of our senior year I transferred to Madison High in Rexburg (big mistake I hated it there). Then I decided to get school over with and went to Central where graduated in March of 2001. After that me and my husband just worked and lived in Sugar City. About 9 months after that we decided to move to Jackson Hole where we lived and worked till I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. So we decided to move to Logan Ut were our daughter Tycee was born on Aug 2 2002. We lived there for 2 1/2 years then moved back to Idaho were in 2005 our second daughter Azhlinn was born. Then in 2006 we decided to move back to Utah but this time it was Clearfield Ut. I was working for a loan company so I transferred. While there I went to school for esthetics. While in Utah Jareds little brother who was 14 at the time came to live with us and is still with us. In June of 2008 we got the opportunity to move back to Idaho for a job for Jared. I finished school in Aug and we moved. Now we are living in Idaho Falls and are glad to be back.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Elaina had her baby!

Hey Everyone!
Here are the pictures I've been meaning to send out when I had a chance. So, here they are. The first one is of Justin and Annalisa. It's a little fuzzy but it the only picture we got of him smiling. The other picture is of Annalisa and I at the hospital. Scary pic of me! I guess you can't look very good after having a baby. She actually came out natural as well. On Monday I went to my dr. appt. and when the dr came in and said I was at a 3 1/2 he sent me to the hospital because I was in labor. He told me what a strong women I am for going this long without any problems. I couldn't feel half of the contractions that the screen was showing. When I was at a 6 I still couldn't feel half the contractions. The nurse didn't check me and I started getting really hard contractions then I called for an epidural when they were getting really bad. Put the epidural needle in and I laid down and right then I told the nurse she's crowning. The epidural didn't even have a chance to take an effect really. They called to get the dr. in immediately and the nurses were scrambling around to get the baby stuff in the room. The nurse was holding her head in because it was coming out without me even pushing. When the dr came in barely got his gloves on I pushed once and she was here. Weirdest feeling when I felt her come out. She was actually face down this time instead of face up like Justin was.
The dr. said, "We know for next time when you are having really hard contractions you better come in NOW!" My dr. didn't have time to come in she was here before he found out. My labors must be coming a lot faster now. This scares me on the next baby I will have. If I will get to the hospital in time before I have a baby again. CRAZY!!
This is a little bit about what happened and enjoy the pics.

Love, Elaina

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crystal Batt Loveless

After high school I went to BYU-Idaho. When my first year ended I went back home to wait for the next semester start. My sister lived in Rexburg going to school so I always hung out with her. One night we thought it would be fun if everyone set each other up on blind dates. Well, it turned out to be really fun because, that is where I met Curtis. He wasn't my date but, half way through the night my friend and I decided to switch dates. I ended up with Curtis and we've been with each other ever since. We met September 27th, 2002 and was married in the Idaho Falls Temple December 27th, 2002. After the wedding we moved to Rexburg, Idaho where we both continued our education. After starting school again I decided what I really wanted to do was go to Beauty School. I was signed up to go when my doctor told me I had to get my Thyroid abliterated. Before I got married I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I was really sick at that point because my medicine wasn't controlling the levels of my Thyroid properly. I put my health first and was unable to finish school at that time. I ended up working at Rexburg Nursing and Rehabilitation where I earned my CNA license and worked to put my husband through school. Eventually I want to return to become a Nurse. I worked for 2 1/2 years before we had our first baby. I had her on July 20, 2005. Her name is Lydia. Curtis graduated BYU-I with his Bachelors degree and then we moved to Twin Falls, Idaho. 20 months later on April 3, 2007 we had our second baby. His name is Brody. Our kids are the pride and joy of our lives. Curtis has a great job working for Health and Welfare in Twin and I stay at home with our two kids. We are so happy and love every minute we get to spend with our families.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nathan George

Hey everybody! After a semester at BYU, I served a mission in Paraguay, Asuncion. After arriving home and returning to BYU, a family friend introduced me to my wife Kate, and we were married April 2005 in the Salt Lake City Temple. While at BYU I became involved with the a cappella group, Vocal Point, and I sang with the group for one year while pursuing my studies. After a not-so-fun year of applying/preparing for dental school, we were accepted into a program in Kansas City. We have been here since August 2006 and we love the big/little city feel (but we definitely don't love the humidity). In October 2007, our little stud muffin Hayden was born, and of course our lives will never be the same. He has been so much fun to come home to, and I'm convinced that he has already said his first words "Dadda".
We are in our third year of school, and we are already anxious to be closer to home and family. When done with school I hope to go into practice with my Dad in Rigby, but we all know that there are no guarantees in life, so we'll see!
We are extremely happy and extremely busy, and we love to see the familiar faces when we come home to visit. Thank you for your posts/updates, and we hope to see everyone soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kristen Radford

Hello, Rigby 2001-ers!

Seems like it's been, like, 7 years since we graduated. It's been fun to see where/how everyone is. Thanks for authoring this blessed blog, Jorelle!

So I just realized I was "tagged," and have to say... I have very little exciting to report about my life, nor do I have adorable small children to share pictures of. So, I'll just give the quick and dirty (more quick than dirty):

After graduated from RHS (T-R-O-J-A-N-S!), I moved to Provo to attend BYU. SIX YEARS later (I took the scenic route), I graduated with a bachelor's in Communications: Emphasis: Print Journalism. After school I wrote for an entertainment circular for awhile and got to review concerts/theater/art exhibits. It was a lot of fun and my friends sorely miss my ability to get tickets to anything, but I moved on and am now working in Salt Lake in publishing/copyrights. It's not as fun as writing and reviewing, but I got a little tired of the newspaper salary! I enjoy my job thus far. I travel to the Bay Area a lot and may end up moving there in January. It might be a nice change to our lovely deseret.

My family moved back to Washington state just after I graduated, but moved back to Rigby last October, and the first of my younger brothers graduated from RHS last May (warn your younger sisters). I hadn't been back there for a few years and it's been fun to see it since.

I've added some random photos.. I'm not married to anyone in said photos and any children are just my darling newphews! :)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marhsall Snedaker & Tiffany (Nielson) Snedaker

It's not too much of a surprise that Marshall and I ended up together after being high school sweethearts. After we graduated, I started at BYU-Idaho in the Fall. Marshall mostly worked and even got to work down at the winter olympics in Salt Lake in 2002. He then served a mission in the Toulouse France mission from March 2002-2004. I continued going to school and participated in some scholarship pageants. I won Miss Idaho Falls for the 2002-2003 year and was able to participate in Miss Idaho which were both huge growing experiences for me. After coming home from his mission, Marshall and I were married in July of 2004 in the Idaho Falls temple. I graduated with my Bachelor's in Health Science with a minor in Sociology April of 2005 and then we ventured out to Minneapolis, MN for the summer so Marshall could sell for Apx Alarm. We welcomed our first little boy, Chandler into our home November of 2005, and our lives have never been the same. He is his own free spirit and is such a rough and tumble little boy. He is so much fun and we love him very much. This last January we had another little boy, Rowan. He is the most content baby and Chandler loves having a little brother. Marshall graduated with his bachelor's in Communication this past April. His emphasis was in Advertising and he had clusters in Business and Graphic Design. He took a job down in Lehi, UT in June doing Transportation Logistics. He loves his job as he is with an awesome company that is treating him well. It has been fun to see what everyone is up to and hope to see a lot of you in a few years for the 10 year reunion!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Elaina (Paulsen) Reich

Robert and I met on the LDS chat line my senior year. He lived in Washington and of course I lived in Idaho. So we were miles apart. We chatted being good friends, because at the time he had a girlfriend. After I graduated I went to Ricks now BYU-Idaho and Robert went on his mission in Ohio for two years. We've never met in person and we only sent letters and pictures to each other. During his mission his girlfriend dropped him and I grabbed him hahahaha. LoL! I was going to school to become an Elementary School Teacher, because I Love working and being around kids. When Robert came home from his mission he came to see me at college we met Feb 13th 2003 for the first time in person. Ever since then when he had time off of work he would travel down to see me and when I had breaks between semesters I would travel up on bus to go see him. Then we were married in the Idaho Falls Temple on July 25th 2003. We moved up to Washington since that's where he was working. I worked at Mountain Gear then I changed jobs to Fred Meyers. While I was working at Fred Meyers I became pregnant with our little boy. We had him in Oct 2006. He's such a good little boy from the very start. He has the cutest personality you've ever seen. Robert is a Licensed Contractor building houses and we have a home based business called Usana Health Sciences as well. We found out at the beginning of this year I'm pregnant again! I'm due on Nov 1st and we are having a little girl! We are so excited! Sounds like everyone are doing very well for themselves and have cute little families. If you have any questions let me know!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nicole (Nield) Stucki

After high school I went to BYU-Idaho. I received an associates
degree in Applied Sciences. While there I met Jeremy Stucki of
Rexburg. We dated for a year and got married in June of 2004. We
lived in Rexburg for about a year and a half. While there I worked at
a company called AMET. I was the purchasing and shipping manager. I
got to spend thousands of dollars a day. Now that's my kind of
shopping, using other people's money. Haha. I really liked that
job. In January 2006 we had our first daughter Taylor Nicole. She
came 4 weeks early. I guess she couldn't wait to be here and she
hasn't slowed down since! I really mean that too. She is always on
the go! I then quit my job after she was born and got to be a stay at
home mom! I love being home with my girls. We then sold our home in
Rexburg and built a home in Rigby. This past January we had our
second daughter Sadie Rae. She is the sweetest and happiest baby you
will ever meet! Sadie is such a mama's girl too and I love it! As
for my husband he does real estate and is currently starting up a
mobile marketing company. I'm so very happy and just loving life! We
have a family blog but it is set to private. I would love to invite
any of you to it. You can either email me at or
leave me a comment with your email address on here and I will add you
to it! Hope to hear from the rest of you soon!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heidi (Beahm) Romer

7 years has come and gone with much excitement and change. I'd catch you up on all that good stuff, but that would take another 7 years so I think I'll just give a little blurb and if you would like to see more of our family life feel free to visit our personal blog at
As some of you know I was planning on going to college in UT following graduation, but I changed my mind at the last minute and ended up at BYU-Idaho. My husband (Mark Romer) had the same plans as I did and somehow ended up at BYU-Idaho in one of the apartments close to mine. We met the first week of school with some mutual friends and slowly started to hang-out. We became great friends and then college sweethearts. We were married on March 29, 2002 in the Idaho Falls Temple. I can honestly say he is the greatest thing that has happened in my life.
We have three sweet children. Abbigail is 5 and loves being a princess. She has a memory that will shock you and is extremely smart. She loves anything girly that involves dressing up and playing pretend. Abbi is a great help around the house and is excited to go to kindergarten this year. She brings a balance to the family.
Annabelle is 3 and WOW is all I can say. She has the sweetest heart and is very sensitive, but don't let this little angel have you fooled. I look at her sometimes and see a little angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other with her trying to decide which one to obey. She has done everything from painting a Monalisa on the wall with a dirty diaper to singing The Spirit of God at 3 am. She is the most random child and makes us laugh.
Brooks is 5 months. The moment he came into this world he's had a calming disposition. He is a very easy baby and loves to be played with. Abbi and Annabelle love to tease and tickle him to see his reaction. He readily smiles with every muscle in his face and is a happy baby. We are super excited to have a boy join our throng of girls. Mark and I love being parents!!! Our kids bring a sweet joy into our lives.
We've moved around quite a bit since we've been married. Some of the states we've lived in are; California, Utah, Texas, and Idaho. We bought a house about two years ago in the great city of Rigby and hope to stay here forever.
I love being able to catch up with everyone by clicking a button. Isn't technology a wonderful thing! Thanks to everyone being willing to do be involved in Jorelle's great endeavor.