Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some of us got together over Thanksgiving break. It was so nice to see these girls and catch up on their lives! It had been since High School since I saw most of them. I still can't believe that we are all grown up, and I am sure most of us feel that way.

The two little munchkins are Preston and Paisley meeting each other for the first time.

Thanks Nicole for letting us have this little get together at your home. It was perfect!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Results for Secret Santa!

Results: Brooke Cederstrom has Sarah Teare
Kristen Radford has Traci Purser
Melissa Belnap has Jorelle McClellan
Lindsey McLain has Brooke Cederstrom
Sarah Teare has Melissa Belnap
Traci Purser has Kristen Radford
Jorelle McClellan has Lindsey McLain
Just leave a comment on the person's blog to get their address!

I think this might be really fun, if I can get enough people to participate! What I want to do is a gift exchange! Whoever wants to be involved, we will put their names in a hat and draw and I will let you know who you are sending a gift to. Boys, if you don't want to be involved but your wife would, tell them we would love to have them!! My favorite episode of Oprah's is her Favorites Show! So I want you to send a favorite to someone, whether it's chocolates, home made goodies, a gift card, something you make, Whatever! It doen't need to be expensive! Anyone want to participate? It should be lots of fun!!