Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Brook: In loving memory of Emmett

Emmett Michael Cederstrom
(December 4, 2009 - December 4, 2009)

Brook, I want you to know we love you and are thinking of you and your family. I wanted to do a little memorial for Emmett. I have had a lot of people calling and wanting to send cards or flowers. We are praying for you! Love Jorelle

Emmett Michael Cederstrom, the infant son of David and Brook Cederstrom of Rigby, spent a few, brief minutes in this world, then passed to the next.
The joy and love that filled the months leading up to his birth on Friday, December 4, 2009, will be cherished by all who shared in them. Already beloved by his family, he was not meant to stay with us long. His absence will be felt always.

Emmett is survived and mourned by his parents; David and Brook Cederstrom, sisters; Ella Jean Cederstrom and Elena Pearl Cederstrom, all of Rigby, grandparents, Michael and Jane Cederstrom, of Springville, Utah, Tamara Boyle, of Rigby, and Vicki Boyle Bownds, of Rigby, and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

He was preceded in death by his grandpa, Gene R. Boyle, who, no doubt, welcomed Emmett home with open arms.

Precious boy, we wait with hope until we meet again.

Memorial services were held at 11:00 a.m., December 7, 2009, at Eckersell Memorial Chapel, in Rigby. The family met with family and friends from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. prior o services. Memorial Contributions may be made to the Emmett Cederstrom Memorial Fund, 101 West Main Street, Rigby Idaho, 83442.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Found some more!

I've added a bunch more people to the list, if you find more people not on here let me know!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Frosted With Love

Brook Boyle Cederstrom has a great business decorating cakes, making treats, and baking up a storm. She has some of the best sugar cookies I have ever tried! She has some AMAZING cakes! Her website is I'm sure we will be seeing her on Food Network very soon!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pink Paisley Photography

Cassie Mickelsen is doing photography, you have got to check out her pictures. If anyone else wants a post about what they are doing let me know! I know how talented you all are!!!

I'm sure that many of you have noticed my recent obsession with photography. I work as a nurse every other weekend. And in between I have been keeping myself busy taking pictures. I have decided that for some crazy reason photography is much more fun than nursing. I am so grateful for my degree but have decided to let it take a back seat for now and try to do photography full time. But I need some help getting my name out there......(thus this blog post) :) So check out my photography blog at (named after my daughter because her cute little face is what inspired me to start taking pictures). I also have a link here on my family blog just to the right. So take a look if you have time.
I am going to be doing Halloween mini sessions on October 8th and 10th. Bring your kids all dressed up and get their pictures taken for $15. This includes up to 5 edited images on a CD with the copyright release. That way you can print off your favorites and have them to display in your home through October. I am working on the set up right now and it is going to be SO cute! Sample picture and more details to come soon. If anyone is interested e-mail me at for prices and availability.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Have Found 125 people!

Someone asked me this past week how many people we have been able to find since starting this blog and we are at 125! I have a few more I can add to, I've just been slacking at blogging lately. Anyone know our graduating class number? I'm thinking we still have at least 200 more people to they will find us!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rounding 'em up

So I just added a bunch more names to our classmates list. A lot of them are facebook contacts so, you have to become friends to see their profiles, but I thought it would at least help to know that they could be found! If you have anyone else to add let me know. Also I am starting a contacts list for the 10 year reunion. I need
Name (maiden and married)
Address (email or physical or both)
phone number (if you want to give it out)
email me this info to
Ideas, anything you want planned for the 10 year, I will pass all of this on to David Sterzer!
THANKS! See everyone in 2 years! My husbands 10 year is this summer, should be fun!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Class of '99 Rigby High School 10 year Reunion!

I'm trying to help spread the word! For more info click on the Class of '99 link above!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lana Lufkin Cox

Hi Everyone!

I don’t want to bore you with details so I’m going to keep this simple.
-went to Utah State after graduation
-came home and worked for a year
-enrolled at Idaho State University
-met pretty much the coolest guy ever
-just so happened he thought I was the coolest chick ever
-he proposed to me
-I said yes
-we got married
-Chad finished school at BYU-I
-we had our first son Devan (now 3 years old)
-Chad got an awesome job offer in San Antonio, TX
-we moved
-bought our first house
-we had our second son, Tristan (now 1 year old)
-we are just as happy as can be!

If you want any details feel free to ask, or come check out our blog! Thanks Jorelle for putting this blog together. It’s a ton of fun getting back into contact with people.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sheena Woods Cox

Since graduation I haven't done a whole lot of "exciting stuff". I met Derek and got married 4 years ago in March. Between us we have 3 kids. Derek's daughter Dakota is 13 and lives in Rexburg. We have two beautiful kids. Our son Evan will be 3 in July and our daughter Skylar is turning 1 on March 6th. My family is the most important thing in my life. It is amazing to me how fast time goes. Derek works out to the Site which allows me to stay at home. We have a business with my parent's remodeling houses, and we are starting up another business. So between the kids, house and businesses, I keep pretty busy. I am glad that this blog is going. It is so nice to catch up with people I haven't talked to since High School.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where in the world is.....

So it's been awhile, and I'm going to tag a few people to send me their updates! Lana Cox, cause I know you'll do it, Right? Cassie, for the second time! Janna Risenmay, Heather Harris, David Sterzer, and Victoria Ogden! And of course anyone else that wants to. Also leave me a comment with your name and where you are. I'm just curious to see how spread out we all are!